Welcome to The Bacchus

The Bacchus is a mailing list for fans of Space: Above and Beyond. Its purpose is to provide a place for you to discuss, well, just about anything you want to. It is intended to complement, not compete with, other S:AAB-related lists which have a specific purpose, such as space-l, the various actors' lists, and so on.

Rules here are deliberately kept to a minimum. The only serious RULE is this:

No flames allowed. Fight outside.

Some netiquette does apply. Be a good neighbor. Keep the language friendly -- use the * key if necessary. Keep the subject line current with the contents of your message. Please do not post any messages with attachments. No fanfic should be posted to the Bacchus, in case someone who isn't supposed to see it wants to lurk.

Most importantly, have fun!

For now, that's it. If bandwidth becomes a problem, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

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The administrator of the Bacchus is Becky "RiverRat" Ratliff. If you have any questions, please send an email to sratliff@zoomnet.net .

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