We Got Him

by Rebecca Ratliff

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DATE: December 2003

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CATEGORY: Vignette


WARNING: none, really -- mention of previous violence

SPOILERS: A Matter of Time

SEASON/SEQUEL INFO:  December 14, 2003

SUMMARY: Would be longer than the story!

DISCLAIMER: All Stargate SG-1 characters are the property of Stargate SG-1 Productions (II) Inc., MGM Worldwide Television Productions Inc., Double Secret Productions, Gekko Film Corp and Showtime Networks Inc.This story is for entertainment purposes only and no money exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. Anybody that you don't recognize is probably mine, so if you borrow them please send me an email to let me know where they are and have them home by midnight.  :)

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  Jack's reaction to this event in light of his history as a POW.  

FEEDBACK:  Much appreciated.

O'Neill left the locker room on his way to the infirmary for his post gate checkup.  He was worn out.  It had been 2300h when they had left P2X-whatever and 0500h on this side of the gate.  The mission had been a grueling two-day slog through pouring rain and mud up to their ankles, to find that the ruins which had looked so promising on the UAV were a colossal bust.  Then had come the return trip to the gate.  If anything, it had rained harder on the way back.

He heard a sudden round of yelling and cheering from the one of the med labs.  Curious, he stuck his head in the door.  A group of nurses were gathered around a TV.  He glad he was tall enough to see over them and discover what had anyone celebrating like that before colors.  The picture on screen took him back to one of the worst times of his life.

A usually well-controlled memory of four months in 1991 came rushing in like the tide.  A filthy, rat-infested cell. Brutal interrogations separated by long stretches of mixed boredom and terror.  Stubborn survival, even though anyone who might have engineered a rescue thought he was dead and there often just didn't seem to be a reason to hang on.

Now, he watched as CNN reported the capture of Saddam Hussein. After all these years, it was closure.

After listening for a few moments he joined the rest of his team in the infirmary and spread the news.

Then it occurred to Jack that there was someone else in need of that same closure.  He opened his cell phone to make a call.

"Hey, Jonathan, have you had the news on yet this morning?  Well, put it on.  We got him."


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