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Stargate SG-1 is a Showtime television series based on the movie Stargate. The series stars Richard Dean Anderson as General Jack O'Neill, the commanding officer of the SGC, and its flagship team, SG-1--Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and the Jaffa warrior Teal'c. Their mission is to explore the worlds on the other side of the Stargates in search of new technology to use in the fight against the alien Goa'uld.

SG-1 fanfic

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Independent Stories

This is the first SG-1 fanfic I wrote, way back during the first season.

Part One     Part Two

The Chain of Memory

   A 9/11 memorial. (1200 words)

Doors and Windows  

   Jack learns to cope with a life-changing disability and finds that, when the universe closes a door, it sometimes also opens a window. Alternate season 7, Daniel is back and Jonas never left.

Chapter 1;   Chapter 2;   Chapter 3;   Chapter 4

The Ghost and Mrs. O'Neill

   I have no idea where this came from, but I think my allergy medicine may have contributed. Give it a chance. This isn't your average 17-hanky deathfic. (2600 words)

Pandora's Box

   Take one alien artifact, add some greedy NID folks, and shake well--a sure recipe for trouble. Sequel to The Ghost and Mrs. O'Neill. (12,000 words)

It Never Rains....

    A routine mission turns into a wild rollercoaster ride of high adventure and daring escapes beginning when General O'Neill and SG-1 are kidnapped and turned in for the bounty on their heads. This is my entry to the cliffhanger challenge on the Jackfic list. (63,000 words)

Gates of War series (seasons six through eight)

The Sword and the Chalice series (season nine onwards)

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Author's Notes: These series contains Jack/Sam ship. Ratings are generally PG-13 or R, usually for violence and language. If that concerns you please read the warnings block at the beginning of each story before deciding whether or not you wish to read further. The stories are listed in chronological order, not necessarily the order in which they have been published elsewhere. If I go back and write new ones that fit in somewhere in the middle of the list, I'll try to remember to mark them. As of this writing, this is the most complete archive of this series currently on the Internet. If you would like to be informed when this page is updated, please join the announcement list above.

Would you like to write fanfic set in the Gates of War Alternate Universe? Post it on the Gates of War Guest Fanfiction Page here.

Season Six

Abyss novelization

   Jack is captured by Ba'al. Help comes from a most unexpected source.


   SG-1 comes to the rescue of a potential Tok'ra recruit, a young girl and her queen symbiote.

Fields of Gold

   SG-1 discovers the legacy of a long-dead race.

A Nice Quiet Week in the Country

   SG-1 spends a week's leave at the Alpha Site.

Brothers in Arms

   O'Neill finds himself in desperate circumstances with the Tok'ra Malek.  Imprisoned in Osiris' lair on a Goa'uld world, they must escape from behind enemy lines.


   You can't stuff everything back into Pandora's Box.... Tag for Cure. (500 words)

Life Support

   Conscience and duty conflict. Tag for Unnatural Selection. (700 words)

Tie a Yellow Ribbon

   Coming Home. Tag for Smoke & Mirrors. (800 words)


   You don't have to go off-world to run into big trouble. (3500 words)

The Only Really Hard Thing About Dying

   Back in the cellblock after they took Jack away. Metamorphosis Missing Scene. (700 words)

Shadows on the Moon

   Sirikat strives to live up to her destiny as she comes of age. (14000 words)


   Dr. Fraiser travels to an alien world with SG-1. The civilization there may have a cure for AIDS. (7500 words)

Light Duty

   Someone is stalking SG-1. (11000 words)

Dreams and Destiny

   Jonas recovers from his operation. (1500 words)

A Gathering Storm

   Daniel sees where things are heading. Why does everything have to be about goodbyes? (1200 words)


   Unexpected severe weather leads to a struggle for survival. (3500 words)

Planet of the Damned

   A routine mission to explore the ruins of an extinct civilization becomes anything but routine when things begin to go bump in the night. (8400 words)

Nothing Gold

   Sirikat goes home to Daltregon. (2000 words)

Season Seven


   Jack's young clone faces a very adult danger as he starts a new life away from Cheyenne Mountain. (12000 words)

Second Chances

   A deathbed confession from an old flame sends SG-1 on a race against time to rescue a very special hostage from a deadly cult. (8200 words)

Shell Game

   An accident lands Jonathan in the clutches of the NID. (11000 words)

Avenger 2.1

   With the gate network down, O'Neill and Teal'c have to find their own transportation. (2200 words)

Happy Birthday, Jonathan

   Jonathan turns sixteen.(2100 words)

The Warriors of Daltregon

   Earth, Daltregon and their allies go on the offensive. (15000 words)


   Jonathan and Sirikat are the best hope of the SGC when an alien takes control of the base and its personnel. (11000 words)

Any Landing You Walk Away From

   Fortress Epilogue (11000 words)

We Got Him

   Jack's reaction to news of Saddam Hussein's capture.(300 words)


   SG-1 finds survivors on a post-apocalyptic planet.(8100 words)    

Evolution Missing Scenes and Tag

   Evolution Parts 1 and 2, missing scenes and tag. Also continues the Sirikat storyline. (7400 words)   
Chapter 1     Chapter 2     Chapter 3


   Hammond and O'Neill come to Alvin's defense when his father's erratic behavior turns violent. (11000 words)   
Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     Part 5

A Bundle of Arrows

   Sirikat joins the warriors of Daltregon on Seshat's planet.(1800 words)

Deserving More

   Chaos ensues when Sam's brother introduces her to a friend of his.(7400 words)


   Saying goodbye. Heroes tag. (3800 words)

They Also Serve

   Sidelined by his injuries, Jack waits for SG-1's return. Resurrection epilog. (750 words)

Oh Freedom

   Anubis begins to consolidate his position by tying up loose ends, Seshat's folk among them.  This concludes the Seshat arc which began with Ashes. (7100 words)

The Lost City Missing Scenes

   This will make no sense whatsoever if you have not seen the episodes or at least read the transcripts. Continues the Sirikat storyline. (3600 words)


   Jonathan copes with Jack's absence. (3400 words)

Ancient Echoes

   Leave no one behind. (11000 words)

Season Eight

This New Dawn

   In a collection of missing scenes from New Order, SG-1 returns home to find that things have changed. (8600 words)

Shadow Boxing

   Sam's life is complicated by a stalker. (15000 words)

Green Corn Moon

   Sam and Jack, and Jonathan and Nancy, turn up at the cabin at the same time. Later, a deadly virus sweeps the Alpha site and Sam is infected. (17000 words)

The Secret Way

   Sirikat returns home to mate. (24000 words)

The Queens of Daltregon

   The wars with the Goa'uld and the replicators come to a final battle. Please read the author's note for further information. (13500 words)

With this story, the Gates of War series draws to an end. I would like to thank the readers who have stuck by me all these years. Your emails have been very much appreciated. I hope to see you in a few months with the first stories of a brand new series. I'm going to take a creative break to give me time to decide precisely what I want to do. The one thing of which I am certain is that my will go AU of canon to a much greater degree than Gates of War did. My stories are about Jack O'Neill and the people around him.

The Sword and the Chalice

Ride, you knights in heraldry!
Ride to the battle
on steeds magnificent
with golden shields
and swords of steel
how they flash in the light
of the morning sun!
Banners held high
into the fray they ride
the clash of steel and
voices raised in war
let none but the valiant
and brave still stand!
For here is the truth
in honor,
the defeat of evil
by the light of the sword.


   The Orii arrive in our galaxy. The fledgeling Alliance, still not recovered from the rebellion against the Goa'uld and the depredations of the Replicators, must deal with this new threat, which also places the Ascended in harm's way. The SGC embarks upon a quest for Ancient relics of Merlin which offer hope of a way to combat the Orii.  (9000 words)    NEW

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