Lost City Missing Scenes

by Rebecca Ratliff

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DATE: May 2004

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CATEGORY: Action/adventure

RATING: PG-13, language

WARNING: Angst.  As always, S/J UST.  Strong religious and supernatural references.

SPOILERS:  Major spoilers for The Lost City.  In fact it will not make sense if you have not seen the episodes or at least read the transcripts.

SEASON/SEQUEL INFO:  Season Seven.  Gates of War series, follows Oh Freedom.  (Continues the Sirikat plot arc.)

SUMMARY: Missing Scenes from the Lost City

AUTHOR'S NOTES:  Some dialog and action taken from the transcript of The Lost City Part Two here .  Due to assorted scheduling conflicts and a computer virus, this story has been released without beta.  Mistakes are all my own.

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(After the get-together at Jack's house)

Not long after General Hammond went home, Sam helped Teal'c pour Daniel into the passenger seat of the Air Force sedan that Teal'c was driving, and leaned in to fasten his seatbelt.  Teal'c took it all in stride, it wasn't the first time he'd made sure a tipsy Daniel got home all right.  He had driven because he had been fairly certain the Tau'ri would be drinking.

And then there were two.

Sirikat was at Mrs. Murphy's with Jamie.  The boy was used to staying there and didn't know that anything was out of the ordinary.  He was also used to Jack coming in unexpectedly if he could get away for a short while during a long term situation.  Jack had decided to leave Jamie there so that he wouldn't be frightened by his father's increasingly erratic behavior.  Jack had spent a few hours over there early this morning, but now he was missing so many words he thought it would scare Jamie too much if he went back.  The thought that he had probably seen his son for the last time was the hardest part of this so far.

Jack asked, "Going?"

"Not if you want me to stay."

He nodded.  They went inside and sat on the couch.  Jack tried to watch TV but now and then there were words he didn't understand.  That hadn't happened the last time until right before the download had completely taken over.   He wondered if he had until tomorrow morning--if he should get back to the mountain now.  He clicked the TV off.

"Jack, what's wrong?"

"Maybe one word out of every two or three sentences that guy was saying might as well be Chinese."

They stared at each other.  Jack couldn't remember the last time he'd been so scared, and he could see the same fear mirrored in Sam's eyes.  Getting shot at, they could handle.  This was different.

"Crap," he said.  "This is for freakin' real.  It ain't going away."

Sam pulled him into a hug and they clung to each other for a long time.  Both of them were shaking.

"Sam, promise me you'll be OK."

"I don't know if I can promise that, Jack.  But I swear to you, I'll be here for Jamie.  He's going to grow up knowing his dad."

"I left the cabin to him and Jonathan.  I want you to take Jamie up there as soon as he learns to swim."

Sam couldn't help it, she burst into tears at the thought of the long-anticipated fishing trip they were never going to get to take.  "OK."

"Oh, God, Sam.  You will supera.  Live for both of us because I'll be right there with you.  I don't know how but I will."

She believed that, maybe because she'd seen too much not to believe it, maybe because she needed so desperately to believe in something.

Sirikat came in after her shift at Mrs. Murphy's to find them asleep on the couch holding each other.  They were both going to be sore when they woke up from sleeping on the sofa, but she didn't have the heart to wake them.  It was probably the first sleep either of them had gotten since this whole mess had begun.  Her eyes filled and tears flowed down her face.

She padded through the house on cat feet, and collected a few things from her room.  She carefully let herself out the back door and went far enough into the back yard to assure herself that her soft chanting would not wake them.  Measuring her movements, finding peace in the ritual, she lit a candle and her small incense burner and arranged the crystals that she would be needing in front of them.  She sang her usual evening prayers, then called on her gods to watch over Jack, heal him if that was meant to be, or guide him safely to his next life if that was where his path led.

Then the tears started again and she begged the gods, "Please, make a way.  I don't know how to get along without Daitar.  Please don't take Jack away from me too!  I know we meet again, I know...but I still need him.  Sam needs him, and Jamie--he has lost his mother, let him keep his father!"  For a long time she could do nothing but cry.  Finally, the silver moonlight reminded her that her gods were with her even in this, and would be whatever she had to face.  She got herself together.

She raised energy and cast every healing and protective spell she knew, from children's charms to the most powerful magick she had yet learned from Karumai, and finally a spell to give strength that she wasn't supposed to know yet.  Holding her largest bloodstone over her head in both hands, she called on the goddess and on all the magickal energy left within her, and sent it to Jack.

Sirikat had known she would overreach herself casting that spell, but she hadn't realized how the power would burn as it flowed up through her from Mother Earth like a flash flood.  She learned that love and will combined were stronger than pain.

The young queen was blind to all but the glowing crystal as she focused all her concentration on controlling the energy that she had raised.  She didn't see the small figure dressed in white who stood facing her, or feel the slender, graceful hands which covered hers.  She had called upon Mother Earth, for whom Oma Desala stood as an avatar.  And Sirikat had worded her entreaties in such a way that her spells did not interfere with Jack's chosen path but only offered strength and comfort along the way.  Oma could involve herself without drawing the other Ascended into it and giving them an opening to make things even worse than they were already.  She lent her power to the magick.  Energy streamed down from Father Sky into the crystal.  It shattered into a million tiny sparks of light which coalesced into a stream and flowed into the house, to Jack.

Sirikat would have collapsed into a boneless heap, had not Oma caught her and eased her to the grass.  She took off her white shawl and covered the girl with it, then gently replenished some of the energy that the girl and her symbiote had poured into that spell.  Once again, Oma was reminded of the amazing things that mortals could accomplish through the power of love and self-sacrifice.  This time, this young one would be spared the price of that sacrifice.  Safe between Mother Earth and Father Sky, she would rest and regain her strength by morning.

Oma ghosted through the screen door and kissed Jack and Sam on the forehead as they slept, adding her blessing to the spells that Sirikat had cast.  She could give them one night's sound, peaceful sleep, at least.

Sam woke first, around 0500.  She eased herself out of Jack's embrace and went to the bathroom, then went into the kitchen to start coffee.  Finding the back door open, she looked outside and saw a pool of brilliant white on the lawn near Jamie's wading pool.  "Sirikat!  Jack!"

The two of them raced to her.  Sirikat woke up with a start and nearly punched Sam before she got her wits about her.  Sam got out of the way fast--she knew how hard a frightened symbiote could hit.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry!  Did I hit you?  You startled me!"

"No, I'm fine, honey, you didn't hit me."

Jack took in the candle stub, the ashes of the incense, the scattered crystals.  "Are you gravit? What happened?"

She shook her head.  "Nothing, I must have fallen asleep at my prayers," she hastily excused herself.  The last thing she wanted was for Jack to worry about her!  "I must have been more tired than I thought."

"You're gonna freeze your nates off out here."

Sirikat couldn't help laughing.  She didn't need any help translating that one!  "Let me just get my things together and I'll come inside."  She scowled and studied the shawl.  "Where this come from?"

Sam replied, "I've never seen it before."

Jack saw no tracks except the ones that the three of them had made.  "It must belong to your guardian angel, Punkin, because nobody's been here besides us."

She looked around and had to agree.  Their footprints were clearly visible.  More puzzled than ever, Sirikat gathered her things.  Everything was there except her bloodstone, and she gathered that it had been used up in the spell.  She wasn't surprised that she had passed out--what astonished her was that she seemed completely unharmed.  She had expected burns from overreaching herself like that.  She was glad to have avoided injury, but she still didn't understand how she had done so.

The mystery would have to wait.  Sam had to hurry to get home, shower and change in time to get to work on time, and she didn't want to leave at all.

Jack called to have a car sent around, since he no longer trusted himself to drive.  Sirikat decided to go to the mountain as well, explaining that she wanted to meet Hammond's replacement.  The fact was that she didn't want to be parted from Jack a moment before it was absolutely necessary.  He wouldn't have admitted it, but he was glad to have the company.

As it turned out, Senator Kinsey's arrival created such an uproar that it was late afternoon before Sirikat got the chance to pay her respects to Dr. Weir.

The Senator came down the stairs from the new director's office in such a huff that he nearly ran into her.  Sirikat skipped nimbly out of his way and got a hateful glare for her trouble.  Kinsey apparently didn't realize she could hear that well, because he muttered something about putting that little snakehead whore in her place.  

Her hand started to her dagger hilt but she stopped herself.  If killing that midden rat would have accomplished anything useful, someone would have done it already.  She contented herself with a glare at his back and a muttered comment of her own regarding his parentage.

Presently Dr. Weir came down the stairs, looking just as out of sorts herself.  Sirikat said, "I see you've met our dear senator."

"Yes.  Oh, you must be Lady Sirikat!  I'm very pleased to meet you."

"And you must be Dr. Weir.  You...not what I was expecting."

"Really?  What were you expecting?"  Weir's smile was infectious.

"I am not completely sure--but I'm glad I was wrong."

"Did you see where SG-1 went?  That pompous ass had them all upset and I'm sure that's the last thing Colonel O'Neill needs right now."

"He never wastes much time on Senator Kinsey.  Teal'c left with Master Bra'tac.  I think they went to SG-1's ready room after they saw him off."

"I won't bother them just yet, then.  Have you had lunch yet?"

"No, I haven't."

"Would you like to join me?"

"Thank you."

"I've been looking forward to meeting you, after all the mission reports I've read.  I understand that you're very close to Col. O'Neill."

"Yes, he has been like a father to me," she replied.

"This must be very difficult for you."

Sirikat nodded.  "For us all....An eventful time for you as well, I think."

Weir nodded.  "That's one way to put it."

Sirikat smiled at the comment.  She missed Hammond at a time like this, but she thought that Weir had more strength in her than perhaps even the professor herself yet knew.

"Sirikat, none of us knows what the next few days will bring.  I think you should reconsider staying."

"My place is here.  I am not sure what good I will be, but I'd be no help at all on Daltregon."

Weir could understand that.  Clearly she would not be able to persuade the younger woman to flee to safety while her loved ones were in harm's way.

(On the scout ship en route to Proklarush Taonas)

O'Neill and Carter both had known for a long while that she would follow him as commanding officer of SG-1.  But it wasn't supposed to have been like this.  It should have been a routine transfer of command right before his retirement became official.  Instead, here they were in the engine room of a scout ship and the official reason that would go down on the report was medically unfit to command, and that hurt.  At least he was able to step aside gracefully rather than put her in the position of forcing the issue.

All that mattered now was the mission.  The only thing he could think about now was hanging on long enough to get the weapons Earth needed to defend itself against Anubis.  If he failed then everyone he loved would likely either join him in death or be enslaved.

He was afraid he didn't have enough time.  The Ancient knowledge had started to overwrite his memory now.  He knew how Daniel must have felt when he first descended.  Jack knew he could trust Sam to keep him on track as long as possible, but if he lost so much of himself that he couldn't communicate at all there would be limits to what she or anyone else could do.

No one was going to get any more speed out of the hyperdrive without blowing it to pieces.  There was nothing more to be done but wait.  He sat down on the deck and leaned against an access panel.  A moment later, Sam sat down beside him and laced her fingers with his.  They waited in a silent communion that had no need of words.

(On board the scout ship after escaping the collapsing cavern on Proklarush Taonas)

SG-1 looked around to get their bearings as the rings dropped into the deck.  They took in Bra'tac's crumpled body lying near the ring controls, and the pool of blood spreading around him.

He barely had the strength to speak.  "Secure the ship."

Carter hurried to check on Ronan, then turned back to the others after she was sure the traitor was dead.  Teal´c had knelt down by Bra´tac and got the clothing and armor away from his wound.

Bra'tac explained, "Ronan was an agent of Anubis."

Teal'c tried to quiet him.  "Save your strength, old friend."

Bra'tac said softly, "You know that I am stubborn, Teal´c, but this battle I fear I cannot win."

Jack knelt by the Jaffa Master.  He could feel the energy within him and he knew there had to be something he could do, but what?  His hand hovered over Bra'tac's wound.  He remembered the little crystal arrowhead, Sirikat's words.  "The magic is you."  He closed his eyes and concentrated, letting the energy flow through him, focusing all his will on an image of his friend whole and unharmed.

Bra´tac winced in pain, then opened his eyes in amazement.  "The pain ... is fading."

The healing complete, Jack started to slowly topple over to the side.

"Jack--"  Daniel's hands cushioned his head from hitting the deck, but Jack rallied and sat back up.

Teal´c helped Bra´tac to sit up. Bra´tac stared at Jack.  "Once more I am in your debt."

Carter asked, "But how?"

Teal'c reply was an awestruck whisper.  "O´Neill possesses the healing power of the Ancients."

Daniel told Jack, "I guess your condition´s a little more advanced than last time."

Jack stared at him, clearly not sure what was going on.  He knew he had turned a corner and that this was incredibly important, but he couldn't sort it all out, and he didn't have the words any more to tell them.

Carter got her feet under her.  "Teal´c, set a course for Earth."

The Jaffa took the controls and got them moving.  Jack looked at Bra´tac and nodded, but his old friend couldn't fathom what the Tau'ri was thinking.  Already a wide gulf separated them and words couldn't cross it now.  He could only convey his thanks by gripping O'Neill's wrist.  After a moment O'Neill returned the grip.  With help from Carter and Daniel, they got themselves off the deck and followed Teal'c to the front of the ship.

(Ancient's outpost, Antarctica)

O'Neill settled in the control chair.  And suddenly everything came crystal clear.  He knew what the universe had been trying to teach him for the past two years.  He was going to need all the control he had learned at Ba'al's hands, at Osiris', at Dagar's, as well as everything Sirikat had taught him about magick.  It all came down to this.  Destiny had given him one shot at Anubis...one fighting chance.

That was all he had ever asked.

His fingers worked the chair's control panel, drawing on the Ancient knowledge that had taken most of his brain.  A hole opened in the cavern floor and he touched on a seething swarm of something old, powerful, evil.  It wanted to burn, to destroy everything in its path.  He had to confine it, control it, before he could unleash it on Anubis.

The magic is you.  He could do this.

The one remaining super-soldier was its first victim.  Next were the Jaffa in the gliders still in atmosphere.  Jack saw the battle through a million tiny malevolent eyes.  He let the demonlings have all the death gliders they wanted, but restrained them from attacking the F-302s.

The main swarm flew up to the black and there was Anubis' flagship, hulking over the smaller ha'taks that formed the bulk of his fleet.  Forcing the swarm to stay clear of Prometheus, he directed them first at the flagship then the other ha'taks.  They fed and the Goa'uld fleet died.

When they were all gone, he forced the demonlings back into their prison, ignoring their anger that burned through him like white phosphorus.  He locked them in again, pouring energy into the seal until he was sure it would hold.  Then, he let himself collapse into the chair.  It was over, he could rest.

Carter looked back toward the chair.  "Sir?" She went over to him and straightened his head to feel his pulse.  "Sir."  She told the others, "His pulse is erratic."  She told Jack, "Don´t you dare leave us now. We won."

His eyes opened halfway and he moved his head a little. Sam took hold of his chin, making him look at her.  "Colonel."

Jack gazed weakly at Sam as she leaned over him.

"Please, Jack."

He whispered, "Dolmata."  Sam looked around at Daniel.

Daniel indicated the capsule.  "That thing."

Teal'c lifted Jack out of the chair and carried him to the capsule, standing him inside.  The lights came on inside, and Teal'c stood clear.

Carter asked, "Now what?"

O'Neill whispered, "Aveo ... amacus."

Daniel nearly choked as he translated,  "Goodbye."

A force field rose from the floor of the capsule and wrapped itself around Jack, putting him into stasis.  All SG-1 could do was watch helplessly as the lights went out in the capsule.

Carter said, "We can´t just leave him like this. I mean, there has to be a way to reverse the process. The answer has to be here somewhere."

Daniel shook his head.  "I don´t think this is it, Sam."

"What do you mean?"

"The dome´s too small. It´s like Taonas. It´s obviously not a city, it´s just an outpost of some kind."

"This isn´t Atlantis?"

Daniel said, "I don´t think so."

Teal'c asked, "If this is not the lost city, then where is it?"

Daniel had no answer. Sam walked to the stasis chamber and put her hand against the shield.  Jack's dark eyes stared into hers, and she wondered if he knew what was happening.  God, don't let him be awake in there.

Just in case he could hear her, she swore, "Jack, we aren't going to leave you here.  I'm going to find a way to bring you home, and then I'll come back for you."

Jack couldn't hear her, and couldn't have made sense of her words any more if he had.  But where he rested safe in a cocoon of Ancient power, he knew she was with him and that she always would be.  His world, his loved ones were safe now.  At long last, he slept.

Ancient words

Aveo amacus - goodbye (or hello) literally, hail friends
Dolmata - sleep
Gravit - sick
Nates - rear end
Supera - survive, overcome