Here are some first attempts at a few card models and room sets from Microtactix' Dirt Cheep Starships set. I apologize in advance for the quality of these shots. I'm still getting used to my digital camera. You should at least be able to get an idea of what I'm doing. Please click the thumbnails to see a larger image.

Construction notes: The models were printed on Weyerhauser 57# cover card with a Hewlett Packard Deskjet 842c printer. I have since discovered that a 110# cover card is produced by Georgia Pacific, this paper is much sturdier and I will be using it from now on. I used a glue stick for assembly, which is fine for display, but I would recommend white glue if the model is going to be used for gaming purposes.

Shuttle Front Shuttle Left Side

I made the shuttle first. I colored it with markers. I like the bright colors, but the ink wets the paper too much, and the felt tip can tend to scrub up the surface of the paper. Some of the highlights are Sharpies with extra fine points, which look really nice but must be used carefully as the ink bleeds really badly.

Bridge 1 Bridge 2 Bridge 3

This is part of a command block including the bridge, navigation and the senior officers' wardroom. Can you see the view through the wardroom viewports in the larger images? The unfinished area will probably include a lift and a head.

I integrated the bridge and navigation areas. The navigation area could double as a command and control area when a smaller ship goes into battle. I switched to colored pencils, which are fine for detailed work but don't look good at all on the floor tiles.

I recently built the molecular scrambler and printed the floor tile on gray printer paper, then glued it to cardstock. A glue stick works much better than white glue for this, since it doesn't make the paper wrinkle.

Docking Bay

I really like this area, the shuttle bay. This is the best shot of the bunch, I think I caught the sense of scale fairly well if I do say so myself. Also I liked the light effect through the control booth windows, which was quite accidental and I probably couldn't have done it on purpose if I'd tried. :)

Launch Control Booth

A particularly fuzzy shot of the control booth. I cut out the windows before gluing in the wallpaper, it made it much easier to line everything up properly.

Engine Room 1 Engine Room 2

Finally here are a couple pictures of the unfinished engine room. The pictures do not do this room set justice. The recessed bay containing the engine really went together well. Gary Williams suggested building a control room overlooking the engine room, and I'm going to try that. I'm also planning to build the medical bay. Hopefully the next batch of pictures will come out better.

A big thanks to all the fine folks at Microtactix for linking to my page. Dirt Cheep Starships is only one of the card model sets that they have available. If you haven't already visited them please do so, you'll be glad you did. :)

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