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Steve and me, and a couple of our cats' baby pix

[Sunset Grill] Please visit my husband's site, the Sunset Grill. He has some fantastic computer artwork on display, including several S:AAB raytracings.

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[valentine] Please visit my Yard Sale!

The Flarer's Fabric Bee started out as a group of people from the Usenet newsgroup, who got together to make a quilt to raise money for arthritis research. The web site provides a source of inspiration, instruction, and mail order sources. The site's primary focus is on disabled crafters who may need to adapt a craft or learn a new one, but all crafters are welcome.

My Arthritis Page:
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If you're in the United States and you've won an auction from me, or want to purchase something from my Yard Sale, Paypal is the easiest way to handle money on the Internet. Click on the above banner to get your free PayPal account -- plus a nice $5.00 reward for both of us! :) You can set up your account however is most convenient for you, pay from your bank account or credit card right from your desktop. Personal accounts are free, and they also have business accounts with some extra perks available as well if you wish to look into that.

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