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Gates of War Guest Fanfiction
Tuesday, December 21, 2004
Welcome to the Stargate SG-1 Gates of War Guest Fanfiction
Topic: Rules

A couple of things happened today. Someone asked me if they could write fanfic set in the Gates of War AU that I have been writing. Then I noticed that Tripod has a blogger function now.

Here's how this is set up. Anyone can post here. You might have to get a Tripod membership first, I don't know. The posts are all moderated, for two reasons. I don't want spammers to take over my web site with ads for who knows what, and I won't allow this to be a forum for the kind of hate mail that some of the lists have had to contend with lately.

There are a few rules for fic here.

1. First of all, it has to be set within the Gates of War universe. Otherwise why post it here instead of one of the fanfic lists or Fanfiction.net? :) Although...I suppose you could write an AU story of this AU...but it still has to tie into this universe somehow.

2. Ratings up through R will be accepted, but please, no explicit sex. I may consider adding an adult forum later if Tripod comes up with a good way to prevent underage readers from getting in, but right now I don't want to deal with that. The site allows links, though, so if you want to be responsible for an NC-17 story, you may post a link to it on your own site instead of actually posting it here. Just be sure to post a NC-17 warning with the link. And anyone who doesn't want to see NC-17 stories, don't follow any links to them.

3. About the slash issue. The only gay character in the Gates of War series so far is Alvin. If you want to write about gay characters, that's fine, but don't slash any of the characters who are already established to be straight. Develop your own and make them part of this setting.

4. Using other writers' original characters: You may use mine, but don't kill them off unless you're writing in a different AU. If you want to use anyone else's characters, ask for permission first.

5. Begin each new story in its own entry and put the title and rating in the subject line. You may post works in progress, but please use the comment feature to add new chapters. This will help keep the site organized and people won't have to search through the entire blog to find the different parts of a story.

6. Each story must begin with an information header block. Click here for a fill-in-the-blanks version that you can copy and paste.

7. Be kind to other writers. Slams and flames will be deleted as soon as I find out about them. Do not post satires or parodies of other people's work without getting their express permission first.

8. The site allows you to use simple html and links, so you can post in italics and so forth or link to a picture. The NC-17 rule applies to pictures too. Before you post any photo manip, think about how the people in the photo would feel if they saw it--and if in doubt, don't. With images, it's much harder to separate the character from the actor.

9. If you want to do something major with the storyline that will affect everyone writing in it, then run it by me first, to find out if it meshes with the storyline that I have planned. If not, you can still branch off your own AU. All character deaths fit this category.

OK, that's got the rules out of the way, the fun can begin! Writers, start your keyboards. :)

Posted by buckeyebelle at 6:03 PM EST
Updated: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 7:11 PM EST

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