Industrial Vat

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Here are a couple pictures of a large industrial vat built with Mel Ebbles' Derelict 2 set. What's in the vat? Something to make your players think twice about having their characters get too acrobatic on that catwalk, of course.

I started with a 7"x13" piece of poster board for a base. I ruled off a 5"x7" rectangle in the center in order to get everything lined up properly. Then I glued the vat contents (made in GridSmith) to the base.

Next for the floor around the vat I cut a 7"x13" piece of foam core with a 5"x7" hole in the center, and glued down the floor tiles. Next I edged the vat with railing pieces and trimmed them even with the bottom of the floor piece and glued that assembly down to the posterboard, and covered the raw edges with some extra cardstock edging strips from another manufacturer's product.

The concrete piers are a couple 2"x1" pieces of foam core, the concrete texture is also GridSmith. Now I thought of making them match by edging the foam core piers with strips cut from the bottom of extra railings. Oh well.

Finally I built the stairs and catwalk pieces and added a console.

Created on ... February 09, 2005